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Located in Goldsboro, NC

We're Daniel and Caitlyn Weeks, the family behind The Grantham House.

Hosting a wedding is a family affair and everyone pitches in to make each wedding a special day.  When we first moved to The Grantham House, we knew it was too special to keep to ourselves.  We love sharing our home with others whether they are capturing memories through photographs or saying "I do".

We believe that every bride deserves her dream wedding.

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it all started with my camera.

about us

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The grantham House

 The Grantham House is unlike any other venue I’ve been to. Along with beautiful land and an extraordinary house you also get a wonderful and caring family when you choose this venue. Caitlyn and Daniel are so helpful during the stressful process of getting ready for a wedding. They understand that each bride and their families are different and they accommodate you and all of your needs you have either on the wedding day or months before. 



You will love your experience at The Grantham House. From the long winding path that leads you onto the property... to the front porch swing surrounded by pecan trees you can’t help but experience all the feels. The animals, the barns, the foliage, the house, and the owners are the total package. From photos to weddings, The Grantham House should be your go to location.


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