When we opened our rustic wedding venue, we could not wait to start booking weddings.  We were already imagining our property filled with guests, rustic decor carefully placed around the farm, and beautiful brides walking down the aisle.  We have a quickly filling calendar for 2018 weddings here in Goldsboro, NC, and couldn’t be more […]

Long before The Grantham House was a wedding venue, it was a family home. When my family purchased The Grantham House in June of 2016, we were the first family to own the house that were not related to the original builder, Hiram Grantham, who built the home in 1840. The home stayed in that […]

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved old houses.  The character. The history.  The stories.  The lives lived there before me.  It just draws me in.     About three years ago we were living in a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood, but we never felt like it was “home”. […]