6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Eloping

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The last few months have changed almost every area of our lives.  The way we shop, go on dates, go to school, and even attend church have all been turned upside down.

Weddings are yet another area that have been affected in a big way.  So many dreams and plans shifted in an instant when gatherings were closed earlier this year.  Many couples were determined that a virus wouldn’t keep them from saying “I do”, so they opted for an elopement instead of a traditional wedding.  For some, an elopement may be their “plan b”, but some couples can’t see themselves doing it any other way. Regardless of your reasoning for choosing an elopement package, it can be a beautiful way to begin your marriage.

Here are a few of my favorite reasons to elope:

You can have a truly intimate wedding.

Some couples just don’t want a big crowd on their wedding day. They want an intimate wedding that is focused on what matters most, becoming husband and wife. I believe that it is so special to share your marriage with family and friends, but your guest list doesn’t have to be a mile long to be meaningful.  With fewer guests you can focus more on what your wedding day is really about.  If you choose to elope you don’t have to worry about hosting guests, or pleasing a particular family member.  The day is truly all about becoming husband and wife.

You can save money

You don’t have to be engaged for very long to realize that weddings are expensive! Even a wedding that is planned on a budget is still going to have significant costs.  Planning an elopement is a great way to cut down on costs that are traditionally associated with weddings.  Fewer guests means a much lower catering cost and fewer tables to decorate.  For example, The Grantham House offers elopement packages at a discount because you’re only using the venue for a few hours. . You can save money on catering because you have fewer guests. You can invest that money into something more meaningful to you like a great photographer. If the cost of the wedding is a concern, an elopement may be a perfect choice for you.

Elopements can reduce stress

Some brides dream about walking down the aisle surrounded by a crowd of onlookers.  For others, the idea causes them to break out in a cold sweat.  If you’re the second type, an elopement may be particularly appealing to you.

A smaller wedding can significantly reduce your stress during planning as well as the day itself.  There is so much less to plan, set up, and pay for.  You don’t have to worry about hosting a huge crowd, or hope that everyone is satisfied on your wedding day. You can typically get the wedding planned in less time and fast track your goal of becoming husband and wife. Fewer details to plan and a short engagement can reduce stress and allow you to enjoy the process of becoming husband and wife.


Cut out family drama

Sadly, family relationships aren’t always what we want them to be. For a couple with particularly difficult family relationships, an elopement can be a good choice.  If  you have people in your life that you know may create drama at your wedding, an easy way to avoid that is to just keep the wedding very small.  Your wedding day should be focused on you and your future spouse, not spent worrying about how a certain person may try to disrupt your day.

You can plan your wedding quickly

Some couples decide to elope because they don’t want a long engagement. Maybe your fiance is in the military and you want to get married before deployment.  Perhaps you have a terminally ill family member that you really want to witness your wedding.  Maybe you’re just ready to be married!  While there are many reason for wanting a short engagement, an elopement can be a great solution.

Fewer guests means fewer invitations to send and fewer vendors to meet with.  Because elopement ceremonies often use the venue for a shorter time and involve fewer people, you can get married on a day other than Saturday.  This opens up more available days to choose from, so you don’t have to plan a year ahead to get the date that you want. Elopements are a great choice if you don’t want to draw out your engagement for a year or more.

You can pick a flexible destination

When you’re planning a a large wedding, you’re often thinking about convenience for the guests when choosing a location.  If you choose an elopement you can pick a destination that fits you and your future spouse without worrying about travel times and hotels for out of town guests.  Some couples pick a mountain or beach destination while some combine their honeymoon with their wedding by choosing an all inclusive resort.  Maybe others are looking for a quiet and relaxed atmosphere like we have at The Grantham House. Whatever destination fits your personality the best, when you elope you have the option to be much more flexible, which may be a huge bonus for you.

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Each wedding is as personal and unique as the couple getting married.  Everyone has a unique family situation, a different budget, and dreams for their wedding day.  If a large wedding doesn’t appeal to you, don’t feel pressured to have a big wedding.  It’s your wedding day and you should spend it with those that matter the very most to you, even if it’s just a select few.



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