More than Animals

When we first moved on to our little property, we never imagined that we would host multiple weddings each year. We joked around about it, but never thought the old buildings, historic home, and land would become the backdrop for a rustic, barn wedding venue. 

At the beginning,  75% of our land was covered in briars, small trees, and very high grass. A few people mentioned to us the idea of getting goats. We gave it a go and it worked! Before long, our goats had mowed things down to grass cutting level and we started slowly trading goats for sheep and things started taking shape. My husband, Daniel with kids and tow, and ME too, started installing fences and our animal collection started growing. 

All of us love animals, but for Daniel, they’re something else. Every morning, as part of his morning routine, he walks around and talks to the animals, feeds them, pets them, and even does nerdy things like make notes in a spreadsheet. He often tells me that he “hears God” better when he’s outside and especially around our animals.  And we just wrapped up his favorite time of the year. 

Baby Season! While we know there are more official terms, we just call it baby season. Every morning, we are excited to get out to the animals to see who has had a baby during the night. Every day, when Daniel gets home from work and the kids return from school, they run out to the barns to see if there are any new additions to the farm. Here are a few of our new additions! Who doesn’t love baby animal photos?

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What's Included

+2 days venue use
11 hours on wedding day
4 hour rehearsal the day before

+Bridal suite and Groom's Quarters on
 wedding day

+Outdoor ceremony and
reception sites

+On site parking

+Tables and chairs

+Venue use for engagement and
bridal portraits

+Planning visits

+ up to 150 guests*


* additional fees to accommodate over 150 guests. Max capacity 200.