Emily & Ryan

When we first opened The Grantham House for business, one thing we never imagined was the amount of family and friends that would want to be married at the farm. We knew that people would love the charm of a 179 year old historic home and the picture perfect rustic barns, but for whatever reason, we imagined that all of our clients would be people we didn’t know. We have made new friends since opening, but we have also been overwhelmed by the support of family (biological family) and our church family. This year alone, we have had the privilege to be a part of two church family weddings.

When Emily and Ryan first approached us about using The Grantham House, we were so excited! Ryan is as laid back as they come and it just seems like nothing gets to him. Emily is SUPER (yes, we used the word SUPER) organized and had the whole thing all figured out. They are a wonderful couple, but them being a part of our church family just made it all the more special. 

 (all photos by Holly Kearney Photography)



Daniel and I have been a part of Bethel Church for our entire married life, and Daniel actually grew up in the church. Because of this, we were able to watch Emily grow up as a little girl into the beautiful young woman that she is today. We also were able to see Ryan transition from an older teenager/young adult into the hard working (this guy gets after it) man that he has become.


To say the least, this was more than just a wedding for us! It was our life coming full circle. We were able to see two people we’ve loved for a long time start a new family and embark on a God-Ordained covenant. 

Everything was perfect! From the decorations to the dancing, you could sense that there was something more happening than just two people entering into a contract with each other. You could tangibly sense the presence of God as they made their vows one to another. It really was a wedding where Jesus was at center. Once again, Daniel and I were reminded of how privileged we are to be able to host weddings at our farm. We were also reminded of how special it is to be part of a church family. We were surrounded by people that we have served with, grieved with, celebrated with, and most importantly worked together in sharing the Gospel.


One of the many highlights was getting to see our pastor marry Ryan and Emily. At the conclusion of the wedding, Pastor Steve escorted his granddaughter (the flower girl) down the aisle. 

outdoor wedding nc


Simply put, Daniel and I were overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. We were able to be a part of two beautiful institutions that God has made. Marriage and His church. Not only did we get to serve Emily and Ryan as clients but we were able to celebrate with them as family and we did that with our family, Bethel Church. We are excited to see Ryan and Emily grow closer together as they follow Jesus as a family. We firmly believe that their marriage will be an example to those around them of how much God loves us, pursues us, and commits to us. 


We enjoyed getting to work with these vendors:

Videography: Provision Films

Officiant: Pastor Steve Holder

Coordinator: Dana Pate

Photography: Holly Kearny Photography

Hair: Heather Weeks

Catering: McCall’s BBQ

Florist: Pinewood Florist

Cake: Nikki Foucht

Cupcakes: Kendi Davis

DJ: Live Action Events




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What's Included

+2 days venue use
11 hours on wedding day
4 hour rehearsal the day before

+Bridal suite and Groom's Quarters on
 wedding day

+Outdoor ceremony and
reception sites

+On site parking

+Tables and chairs

+Venue use for engagement and
bridal portraits

+Planning visits

+ up to 150 guests*


* additional fees to accommodate over 150 guests. Max capacity 200.