Is An Outdoor Wedding Really For You?

You can admit it… you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and pinning to your “secret wedding board” long before you even met the man who is now your finance.  No shame, we all did it!

But now it’s official!  You’ve got the ring and it’s time to start putting those pins to use!

One simple Pinterest search for the term “weddings” brings up endless photos of beautiful outdoor events.   

The beauty of an outdoor venue is hard to beat.  But is an outdoor venue really for you?

Here at The Grantham House we’ve met many brides.  We can tell pretty quickly which brides are suited for an outdoor wedding and which are not.  There’s nothing wrong with either type of bride, it’s simply preference.

You want your wedding day to be everything you’ve dreamed of, so it’s important to be honest about what you really want your day to be like.  

From what we’ve noticed, the brides who are suited for an outdoor wedding seem to have a few things in common.  If this sounds like you then an outdoor wedding is probably perfect for your big day.

You Are Flexible

You would definitely agree that the details matter, but your entire day won’t be ruined if plans need to change a little bit last minute. You know that when you plan an outdoor wedding, some plans need to be held loosely.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a bright blue sky on your wedding day only to wake up and see nothing but gray clouds.  When you’re flexible you can rest assured knowing that you chose a great photographer and trust that she can work magic in any lighting.  

You’re not uptight about a few rain drops,  instead you’re prepared to grab a cute umbrella and walk down the aisle to say “I do”.  A change in weather won’t spoil your big day.  You have no problem dancing with your new husband in the rain. 

Because you’re flexible you’re ready for whatever changes come your way.   When you choose an outdoor wedding venue you realize that some things will be out of your control and you’re ok with that.  

Photo by Tiffany Johnson


You love the outdoors

You’re a bride that loves to be outside and embraces everything that comes with it.  You’re not surprised when you plan an outdoor wedding and then see a few bugs. An evening spent outside in the open air is something that you enjoy and look forward to.  

If its a little warmer or cooler than you  anticipated, you’re not going to get flustered.  You’re going to relish the time with those closest to you dancing the night away under the stars.

Photos by The Stewarts Roam Photography


You like to keep it simple

You agree that one of the best parts of an outdoor wedding is the sheer beauty of your surroundings.  A bride who is well suited for an outdoor wedding simply wants to embrace the beauty of the outdoors.  

You know that you don’t have to overdo it with decor to make your wedding beautiful because the outdoor venue you chose has a unique beauty of its own.   You love being surrounded by trees, acres of green grass, and the spring flowers newly in bloom.  

Bringing in a truckload of decorations doesn’t appeal to you, instead you’d rather embrace the current season of the year and use simple decor to compliment the natural surroundings. 

Photos by Tiffany Johnson Photography


You want beautiful photos

Having stunning photos to cherish long after your wedding day is high on your priority list.  You know that having an outdoor wedding and a great photographer will just about guarantee that you’ll end up with photos that you’ll love forever.

There is nothing that compares to the light peaking through the trees. The natural outdoor lighting combined with the outdoor surroundings create the perfect combination for amazing photos. 

You’re going to plan your day around getting photos with your new husband just as the sun is setting because you know those photos will last long after the ceremony is over.

Photos by Tiffany Johnson Photography

You want a memorable experience

You’ve lost count of the number of weddings you’ve attended in the last year alone. And if you’re being honest they all seemed just a little to similar the one before.

You don’t want your wedding to be just like everyone elses.  You’re looking for something that is a little different for your big moment.

Finding a venue that offers outdoor beauty and unique features is something you value.  

You may look for something like The Grantham House because you know your guests can wander around the farm and visit the goats or view the garden.  Cutting your cake inside of the silos appeals to your because it’s just a little different than your typical wedding. You love the fact that your guests aren’t confined to a single ballroom, instead they have space to roam and enjoy their surroundings.

You’ve dreamed about your wedding day for a long time. You’re putting a lot of time and money into planning it and you need to make sure that it’s a day that you love and enjoy with your family and friends.

All of those outdoor photos on Pinterest look so dreamy. But make sure you really think about what you want out of your wedding day before you book your venue.

Being honest with yourself and the type of bride that you are will help your wedding day be everything you’ve been dreaming of whether your looking for a unique outdoor venue, elegant ballroom, or something in between. 

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What's Included

+2 days venue use
11 hours on wedding day
4 hour rehearsal the day before

+Bridal suite and Groom's Quarters on
 wedding day

+Outdoor ceremony and
reception sites

+On site parking

+Tables and chairs

+Venue use for engagement and
bridal portraits

+Planning visits

+ up to 150 guests*


* additional fees to accommodate over 150 guests. Max capacity 200.